Jason Young was convicted of the murder of his wife, Michelle in March, 2012.  The first trial in 2011 resulted in a hung jury and mistrial.

I don’t normally follow trials, but after watching the Brad Cooper trial and feeling convinced that he was completely railroaded, something drew me to this case.  I wanted to see if Wake county prosecutors were capable of prosecuting a case honestly.  Like the Cooper case, I kept waiting to see the evidence….but it never surfaced. In fact, there were many similarities to the Cooper case, in that the State presented several instances of baseless theories, suggesting to the jury that they “could have” done this and that with nothing concrete to back it up.  To the jurors it sounded like “so many coincidences” but the reality is that the evidence was fabricated.  Circumstantial evidence is supposed to be fact based but it wasn’t in these cases.

The character assassination in both cases was offensive.  As well, the prosecutor had no problem attacking the families of the accused.  It was over the line and extremely inappropriate.

In both cases there was zero evidence presented that connected Brad or Jason to the murders.  In both cases there was actually evidence pointing away from them.  In Brad’s case there were 16 witnesses who believed they may have seen Nancy that morning.  Their own daughter told a neighbor that she saw her mother that morning.  And evidence at the scene – tire tracks and shoe prints indicated someone other than Brad Cooper.  In Jason’s case, foreign DNA and fingerprints were found at the crime scene.  Two pairs of shoe prints were found and jewelry was stolen.

In both cases there were others who should have been considered suspects and should have been fully investigated; but it didn’t happen.

I believe there is a pattern in Wake county in the way these cases are handled and people need to understand it.  These men were convicted simply because “the spouse is always a suspect”.  It doesn’t matter to prosecutors that investigators were never able to find any tangible proof that they were in any way involved in the murders.  I believe that both of these murders remain unsolved and that is sad for everyone involved and it is not justice for Nancy and Michelle.  As citizens we must demand that the State meet the burden of proof.  They failed in both of these cases and as a result, we must not forget about these cases. I believe both Brad and Jason were wrongfully convicted and that should never happen.