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Stop Wrongful Convictions

This article will describe how the State mistreated a witness in the Young case. Cindy Beaver’s testimony was key because she saw a vehicle leaving the Young residence at approximately 5:20AM, and an occupied work van a bit further down the road.  This was a huge problem for the State because it went against their theory – that Jason was approaching Hillsville, VA at that time.  So how did they deal with it?  What I witnessed watching the trial was simply unbelievable.  First, the SBI tried to intimidate her by repeatedly questioning her about what she saw that morning, grilling her about the dates/times and other details.  It got so bad that she finally contacted them and said she had had enough. Then during the trial, ADA Cummings asked her an incorrect question five times, clearly trying to trip her up or attempting to mislead the jury about her statements…

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