Summary and key facts of the case

Jason Young was convicted of first degree murder in the death of his wife in March, 2012.  Michelle Young was found dead in her home in Raleigh, NC on the afternoon of November 3, 2006. She was 4 ½ months pregnant.  The Young’s daughter Cassidy, age 2 ½ at the time, was unharmed.  The body was discovered by Michelle’s sister, Meredith Fisher.

Jason was in Virginia on a business trip.  He spent the night of November 2nd at the Hampton Inn in Hillsville, VA, approximately 170 miles from their home.  It was about a 3 hour drive and he arrived at the hotel at 10:49PM, verified by surveillance videos.  The next morning, he departed the hotel and continued his drive to Clintwood, VA where he had a 10AM appointment scheduled. Though he is not seen leaving the hotel on cameras, he did have his receipt that was placed under the door so we know he was definitely there that morning. His appointment at Dickenson Community Hospital was verified, although he arrived about 20 minutes late because at one point he got lost.

He called Meredith and left her a message at 12:10PM asking her to stop by the house to pick up something from his office printer regarding some purses he was considering buying for Michelle for a late 3rd anniversary gift.  When she arrived at the house she found her sister lying face down on the master bedroom floor.  Blood was visible on the bed and near the body and bloody footprints were visible on the child’s bathroom floor.  Before checking on her sister, she immediately called 911.  The call was placed at 1:30PM. Meredith told police that when she went to the other side of the bed to call 911 that Cassidy popped out from beneath the covers.  In all, she would tell three different versions of how she found the little girl that day.

If you listen to the call, you will hear her first ask for an ambulance and then state that she believed her sister may be dead. Throughout the call, the 911 operator asked Meredith several times to check on her sister and to roll the body over to attempt CPR. Meredith was more distracted with the little girl than attending to her sister. Not once did she plead in desperation for them to send immediate help for her sister.  She said she was unable to roll the body over, and stated that her sister felt cold to the touch.  The paramedics arrived shortly after that. The next day the medical examiner determined that Michelle died as a result of blunt force injury to the head.

At this time, Jason was en route to his mother’s home in Brevard, NC.  He had decided to visit and spend the night there after his sales calls were completed.  His family was informed of Michelle’s death but they decided not to tell Jason about it until he arrived at their home.  He arrived sometime later that afternoon and was shocked and devastated at the news.  He, his mother, his sister and his brother-in-law made the four hour trip to Raleigh and arrived at Meredith’s house early that evening.  While en route, Jason’s friend called him and advised him that he should contact an attorney right away because police were already asking them lots of questions about him.  When he arrived in Raleigh, he did not speak to police.

When Jason and his family arrived at Meredith’s, police immediately seized his Ford Bronco and all of the items in the vehicle.  It would later be determined that police never inventoried the items from the vehicle, including the contents of the luggage.

The murder investigation lasted until December, 2009 with Jason being the only suspect. At that time, he was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.  The first trial was in June, 2011.  It ended in a hung jury:  4 guilty, 8 not guilty.  The judge declared a mistrial.  The second trial was in March 2012.  This time the jury reached a guilty verdict. They convicted him based on “absence of evidence”.

Prosecution theory:  Young left the hotel at midnight, made the 170mile trip back to Raleigh, murdered his wife, cleaned up his daughter and then returned to the Hampton Inn early that morning.

Key facts and evidence:

  • No sign of forced entry found at the Young home.  The back door was found unlocked.  The sister entered the home by raising the garage door. The door that leads from the garage to the kitchen is always unlocked.
  • Michelle was last seen alive at 10:30 p.m. Her friend Shelly Schaad was visiting with her that evening and left the home at that time.  She testified that she felt uneasy that evening and felt like they were being watched.  She even asked Michelle to walk her to her car that night.
  • Cassidy Young was found to be “shockingly” clean after being alone in the home all throughout the night and morning.  She had no visible blood on her and was found in the same pink flannel pajamas that she was dressed in the night before, no diaper, no socks or shoes.
  • Meredith Fisher gave police three different versions of how she found Cassidy.  She found her under the covers in the master bedroom bed; she found her wandering around the house; she found her hiding in a closet.
  • A strand of hair was found in Michelle’s hand and was identified as being hers, based on a comparison of the DNA to her profile.  However, of a clump of hair found on the body of approximately 50 strands of hair, one sample yielded a match to Michelle, while the other sample gave a partial match. (A partial match can be common in siblings or other close family members.)
  • A strand of hair was found on a picture frame by a private investigator hired by the Young family after police had released the house.  The DNA was unidentified. (this wasn’t mentioned in trial 2)
  • Two cigarette butts were also found by the Youngs’ investigator – one in the garage and another near the entrance from the garage to the kitchen.  They also contained unidentified DNA and this evidence was not mentioned in the 2nd trial.
  • Two footprints in blood were identified on a pillow near the body: One was a Hushpuppy shoe (approximate size, 12) and the other was a Franklin athletic shoe, size 10. Police ignored the clue that two people were involved in the crime and suggested the size 10 footprint was staged.
  • Police determined that Jason purchased a pair of Hushpuppy shoes approximately 15 months before the murder.  This would be one of the reasons given for the guilty verdict.  The jury expected Young to present those shoes.  Remember that the contents of his vehicle were never inventoried.  Young testified at trial 1 that he thought his wife may have donated the shoes to charity, but he wasn’t certain what may have happened to the shoes. Furthermore, it was never proven that the shoe print found matched the pair of shoes that Young once owned.  The size wasn’t even certain, and the print could have been left by 3 different possibly styles of that brand of shoes.
  • Police claim they were unable to find the shirt Young is seen wearing in the Hampton Inn video.  A search warrant was issued in February ’08 to search the homes where he had been staying with family, as well as some vehicles and a storage shed.  This would be another reason given by the jurors for convicting him.  They wanted him to present the shirt to prove his innocence. Remember again that police did not inventory the items seized from his vehicle on 11/3.
  • No blood was found on Jason Young and no scratches on his body.  Investigators searched his car and his hotel room and no blood was found anywhere.
  • Unidentified DNA was found on a jewelry box in the Young’s bedroom.  Two drawers from the jewelry box were stolen.
  • Gracie Calhoun testified that she saw Jason Young enter the gas station where she worked in King, NC.  She said it was at 5:30AM the morning of 11/3.  She said he was upset that the pump wouldn’t activate since he was paying with cash.  She said he went into the store, threw a $20 at her, swore at her, then got $15 worth of gasoline and left. She was shown one photo, she incorrectly described him as short and balding at a pre-trial hearing and the store didn’t have any surveillance cameras to verify any of this (how convenient for the State). Gracie receives disability due to a head injury she suffered as a child.  This would be one of the many “coincidences” described by the jurors that led to the guilty verdict.
  • Keith Hicks was working the night shift at the Hampton Inn and he testified that he noticed one of the cameras at a side exit door was unplugged sometime early that morning.  The maintenance worker plugged it when he arrived, sometime around 5AM.  Hicks said sometime later the camera was pointed up toward the ceiling.  A fingerprint was found on the camera that did not match Young’s but the jury was still convinced that he must have tampered with it. Again, this would be another “coincidence” that the jury couldn’t overlook.  No evidence of the camera tampering was presented in court.  No screen shots showing the times of the camera tampering, which I thought was very odd.
  • Hicks also testified that while delivering receipts that night, which are placed under each door, he noticed that same exit door where the camera tampering occurred was propped open with a rock.  He secured it.
  • Jason’s only hotel room key usage occurred 6 minutes after checking into the hotel.  He was seen in the hallway after that and in the lobby close to midnight but he said he didn’t close his door completely so he didn’t have a need to re-enter with his room key.
  • The State asserts that Young’s alibi was dependent on both the exit door and his room door remaining propped open all night.  Since the exit door was locked, Young would have had to enter through the adjacent glass door that Hicks testified would normally be unlocked at 6AM.  He wasn’t seen on any cameras entering the building that morning. Hicks would have had to place a bag with his newspaper on the door that morning and never mentioned anything about finding it ajar.
  • The jurors stated that Jason must be guilty because his daughter was found clean and no one but him would have taken the time to clean her up.  No one even seemed to consider the possibility that the victim’s sister had every opportunity to clean the child.  It isn’t logical to believe that the child got into her mother’s blood, left footprints all over the floor, that Jason cleaned her and that she remained clean for what would have been 10 hours before Meredith found her.
  • Meredith Fisher testified that she left work at 9PM the night of the murder.  She stated that she was at a bar with a friend, that she left at about 2:30, sat in her car for a while to sober up, then stopped at a Sheetz on the way home for a pretzel.  She is seen on the Sheetz camera 3:37-3:59AM.  The Young’s home would have been on Meredith’s way home from the Ale House.
  • Meredith Fisher’s car keys were found by police on the hood of Michelle’s car.  She had no explanation for how they got there and insisted that she placed her keys on the kitchen counter.
  • A neighbor, Cindy Beaver testified that she saw an SUV type vehicle exiting the Young’s driveway at approximately 5:20 that morning.  She said there was a male driver and a female passenger with thick, bushy hair.  This would eliminate Young’s involvement since the State placed him in King, VA at that time via Gracie’s testimony.
  • Another neighbor, Fay Hinsley testified that she saw an SUV at the end of the Young’s driveway at 6:15AM that morning.
  • Jason was having frequent communication with Michelle Money.  Although she lived in Florida, he had recently visited her there and they were having a long distance affair.
  • Genevieve Cargol, Young’s ex-fiancee testified that her relationship with him was volatile and that he once pinned her down to try to remove her engagement ring from her hand while they were arguing.
  • The jewelry in the Young home had been sorted; the costume jewelry was left behind.
  • There was no clear motive provided since the Youngs were not having financial difficulties and Jason was excited about the upcoming arrival of the new baby, a son.

25 thoughts on “Summary and key facts of the case

  1. You’r eleaving out many details regarding what convinced the jurors. There were many emails between the two of them about the marriage not working out. Michelle had decided against Jason’s wishes to have her mother move in with them when their son was born. This was a major issue with Jason. She wanted to quit her job when the baby was born, and Jason was not supportive of that at all. He’d recently taken out a large life insurance policy on her, and she’d even questioned her friends about that not too long before her death. His claim for going outside was that he wanted to smoke a cigar, however, the weather that night was stormy, windy and rainy, so why would he have wanted to smoke a cigar, he didn’t even do that regularly, so he wouldn’t have gone out in that weather. There were MANY other reasons, and I’m confident that justice was finally served, although it took 6 years.

    • None of those things in any way prove that Jason murdered his wife. Are you able to overlook the fact that he was a great father, that he was looking forward to the birth of his son? Many people have affairs but it does not mean they are capable of murder. Speaking with friends and family of Jason’s, something like this is simply not in his nature. I believe them.

      The State created this story to pull on the jurors emotions – paint him as a cheating, lying spouse. It is a common ploy – just look at the Cooper case. The fact is there was foreign DNA at the scene that was never matched. It would have been impossible for Jason to have done all of this with not one scratch and not one drop of blood anywhere. A witness saw someone matching Meredith’s description at the scene that morning. As much as the State tried to discredit her, they failed. Her testimony was solid. I could go on and on.

      To convict a man to life in prison because you thought it odd that he should choose to smoke a cigar is extremely irresponsible. Or that he wasn’t comfortable with his mother in law possibly moving in – no, that is NOT motive for murder. I stand by this because I’m certain he is innocent. The jury got it wrong, big time. I hope they are able to live with that because many people are suffering over it and the guilty remains free.

    • There r breezways, lots of ppl smoke outside, if ur not a smoker u wouldnt understand. Emails, pls i complain about things that r bugging me n my marriage to my best friend does that mean im going to kill my husband. And most ppl who cheat try to make themselveß out to be unhappy to the ones they r bedding so they can keep getting some, and to justify the affair at least n their own minds. They feel guilty and dont want to b a bad person. They even exagerate the problems so they seem less sleezy. U gotta consider human nature. He was bed hopping, no intention of leaving, proof? He knocked his wife up. Affairs r not proof of murder. Ill bet every police officer and lawyer in this ase is committing adultry or has. Pls.

  2. Yes the jury got it wrong but they had much help. LE zeroed in on Jason after LF pointed her finger. The media thrashed Jason…with much help from the Fishers. Amanda Lamb only reported events that made Jason look guilty but never reported when evidence pointed to his innocence. The DA’s used the 2nd trial as a circus. They brought in people to testify that Jason made poor decisions but NONE to prove he was at the crime scene. Then the jurors…they were so unintelligent that they told the press they had ignored the judge’s instructions. A jury of his peers…hardly…God help the integrity of our system! Yes I sound jaded…I am. I once believed in our system. I still believe justice will prevail and the real killers will be discovered and Jason will be exonerated.

  3. Here’s the reality, any novice profiler knows that in this kind of scenario that 90% of the time a close personal relation/family member commits this type of passionate violent overkill type of murder! Although there is only circumstantial evidence, some of it is rather compelling and just too coincidental to be overlooked! No other clear suspects can be developed and the one night hubby is not home some “mysterious” stranger decides to kill this young women…no sexual assault and in a very “personal” way by the beating method! Sorry, math never lies and when you add it all up…this guy killed his wife!

    • Actually, Stevie the sister who found the body is the only one who logically could have cleaned the child as she was found completely clean, no blood at all. She also had no diaper and was found in pajamas. She did not know how to dress herself. She was not potty trained. If Jason cleaned her up after she got into the blood, how did she remain clean and dry and fully dressed for 10 hours? The sister was involved.

      Meredith also told three different variation of how she found Cassidy.

      • Ok, if as you speculate the sister performed a cleans on the child and told 3 different versions of finding her sister…where is the actual evidence she was involved and what was her motive? In todays world of forensic and investigative prowess why have the police locked solely on the husband and no others considering the lack of said evidence.

        This is such a classic case it is unbelievable! When you take all the circumstances surrounding a failing marital relationship, the uncanny timing of a murder commited while the disgruntled hubby is on a business trip (close enough to travel round trip to commit the crime). Another coincidental happenstance at the hotel with jimmied doors, turned and unplugged cameras on the same night of the murder in the same hotel that said husband is staying at!

        No robbery, no rape…just someone with so much hate, rage and emotional attachment outwardly towards the victim that they very powerfully beat them to death. No knifes or guns that a normal off the street murderer would use knowing they are out to kill!

        Come on, this is the stuff that movies are made of!

        Sorry Lynne but most psychopaths are great at professing their innocence and maintaining a straight face and demeanor while doing so!

        Again, we have heard this story 100,000 times and we know how man has proven over time to commit the same mistakes over and over again…it is in mans nature to have this type of psychosis…history tells us so time and time again!

        The greater preponderance of coincidental circumstance, psychology of man and historical behavioral record says Jason committed the crime.

  4. First, I’m not speculating about the 3 different version of her story, that is a fact.
    They never examined her for possible sexual assault, there was jewelry stolen, the closets were ransacked, there was unidentified DNA on the jewelry box – the one with the two missing drawers.

    I don’t trust the camera testimony. We never saw any screen shots of the camera that was allegedly turned up. There is someone else’s print on the camera and it’s way too risky for him to assume that a camera is going to remain unplugged the entire night and door propped open so that he would have a way to reenter the building. I’m just not buying it. It is likely manufactured evidence but even if not, it does not implicate Young.

    A premeditated murder would not be so messy. If one were to plan this, they would not choose such brutality. He certainly would have left some blood in his vehicle.

    The gas mileage and receipts found in his car are consistent with his business trip and do not account for the extra 340 miles alleged. He would have run out of gas long before reaching Gracie’s gas station in King. Look at the facts objectively.

    • Lynne, that is exactly why I said no robbery. The classic jewelry heist and slight ransack is more evidence of an amateur trying to mask a murder by staging a robbery scene.

      And premeditated had so many different levels. And the level of mess is only because of the personal nature of the method and personal nature of the rage…again pointing directly to someone very close to the victim that had the strength and ability to inflict such damage.

      Your willingness to brush off the hotel camara evidence so easily as fabricated is showing your inability to be objective with the facts and although It does not implicate him…again it is a convenient coincidence.

      Who says he did not use an alternate vehicle for his travels.

      You still haven’t provided anything compelling to implicate the sister especially from a motive perspective.

      I will give you an example of why they go after the hubby…it is just like OJ…they know they have their guy…there is absolutely no evidence of any other person and who had the motive and what is the likelyhood that some random person along with all the other convenient coincidences/circumstances actually would have commited this type of crime! Many if not all profilers would say unequivocally that the husband committed the crime.

      • Explain how he could have used an alternate vehicle. I can’t think of any such scenario.

        So he also had time to “stage” the scene to include ransacking the closets and stealing two jewelry drawers? And you believe it’s logical that he would choose a brutal method of murder? That makes sense to you? No scratches on him?

        Meredith – there is more evidence of her involvement by far than Jason. She had the ability to clean the child. She is the only one who could have done that. A bushy haired woman was seen in a car at the base of the driveway early that morning. That matches her description. She was allegedly at a bar until 2:30AM and stated that she sat in the parking lot for an hour, too drunk to drive home so she has less of an alibi than he did. There were numerous red flags on the 911 call. As a juror, I would have a difficult time voting “not guilty” if she was accused.

        Jason’s mileage matched all of his gas receipts. How did he pull that off? He is innocent.

  5. You can’t just say “The husband always does it…”. What is your opinion of the Michael Morton case? They did the same thing there …. had to be the husband. Guess what? It was a random crime. They do happen. If you were accused you would want an honest investigation and an honest trial. That didn’t occur here. WHY didn’t they investigate Meredith?!

    • My opinion of the Michael Morton case is the fact that the advances in criminal psychology, criminology, sociology of deviance, sociocultural anthropology and criminal profiling along with crime scene investigation and use of DNA advances since that case was prosecuted 25 years ago have advanced exponentially and have become fields of specialty in crime investigation! And many of these advances have been used to exonerate those wrongly accused! Not to mention in the Morton case the Prosecutorial misconduct which was “primary” and “only” reason this man was convicted! The police did their work but because the Prosecutor willfully withheld evidence…this man was wrongfully convicted.

      And why would you think that Police “didn’t” investigate Meredith? Is there evidence that investigators did “no”…”zero” investigation on her…seems they did and found no motive or evidence that she could have committed the crime.

      • I brought up Morton because it was another case of “The husband is always guilty” but they were wrong and they were wrong in the Young case too.

        Meredith was never investigated, home wasn’t searched, car wasn’t searched. Why were her keys found on the hood of Michele’s Lexus? How did Linda Fisher arrive in Raleigh so quickly? There is much more to this case.

      • Also, you never responded about the gas mileage being consistent with the gas receipts. How do you account for that? He filled up before his trip, stopped for gas while enroute to his customer’s and then filled up again on the way to Raleigh from his mom’s home. It all added up. Nothing fits with him driving back to Raleigh that night.

      • Lynne, ask yourself how many times you have heard the husband killed his wife story because his marriage is failing or there are hints of divorce. Or, there is a pregnancy involved. Or, there is an affair or some type of infidelity occurring! In this case, you have all three! Again, crime statistics confirm that one of these reasons is the “top three” reasons for this murder type.

        Look at the crime statistics and the high rate of husband on wife murder!

        Look at the extraordinary large amount of convenient coincidence that have occurred in this case.

        I have tried to lead you down a path of understanding…but you still seem to think that this man was not involved at all with his wife’s death.

        Have you considered the possibility that he didn’t act alone? Have you considered the fact that maybe he had just enough smarts to cover some of his tracks?

        What is the likelihood that given the facts noted in paragraph one that this disgruntled man “lucked out” on a night he happened to conveniently be traveling on and have some random murderer walk into his home and strike his wife “30 or so times” so ferociously to crush her skull….not to incapacitate her so they can simply steal some random jewelry….but escalate robbery to murder. Even in the Morton case you love to reference…the killer having not known his victims hit them enough to know they were incapacitated or dead 6 to 8 times….not 30 times! This was passionate hatred…a murder trying to be masked as a robbery committed by someone very close to the victim that had say….hmm….at least three reasons to want her dead!

        Please state if someone else who was so close to her personally had the motive to killer her…why!

        Then ask yourself how lucky this man would have to be in his totally unhappy situation and virtually cheating on his wife…to have some random murderer walk in to his home on a night he happens to not be there and murder his wife! Convenient Coincidence!

        If it smells like a skunk…………

  6. We can’t convict a person simply because “the husband is usually guilty”. He was 170 miles away and there is NO evidence that he ever left the hotel that night and a serious mileage issue if he did because his gas receipts are consistent and proof that he is not lying.

    We have three witnesses who saw a vehicle at the foot of their driveway that morning at a time that could not have been him.

    I already told you that I think the sister was involved. Motive? I don’t know….jealousy? Insurance money? I don’t know but she is the only person who logically could have cleaned that child and she told three versions of how she found the child and also lied about the dog being in the home when she arrived. What possible motivation did she have for lying?

    Also, the red flags on the 911 call – read my post about that. Too many things point to her. I can’t dismiss them just because “the husband is usually guilty”. They aren’t always guilty.

      • When u cant possibly prove a suspects innocence, and u hav to try, by that time u have enuf beyond a doubtt to prove they did it. They never did look at anyone else. TUNNEL VISION., dismissing any evidence to the contrary of what they want to prove. The fact he had chicks on the side, pls. He was bedhopping, no real feelings involved to make him want to do this. Usually, in cases they r claiming this is like, thereß one main lover and shes usually involved in the crime. One of these scorned women couldve done it. The sister does look suspicious but that could be anger about her assumption tha5 he did it. Careful, dont draw conclusions too quick. Foreign dna shouldve ben compared to as many ppl as possible. And usually is, wats curious are the things that werent done in this case.

      • Oh, I have been careful. There are too many red flags with her. Listen to the 911 call. A bushy haired woman was seen in a car at the foot of the driveway at 5:20AM. That matches her description. She was out drinking that night and some of the time is not accounted for. She said the dog was in the house when she arrived, yet there was no blood on the dog. She lied. She told 3 different versions of how she found the child in the house. She is lying. She is involved.

      • I agree it stinks, but pointing at her could hurt him. Im just saying consider other motives for her lies. I worked in le, jurors dont like u to point at members they see as victims without evidençe. Someone shuld get her dna to compare. Theres lots of ways this can b l3gally done without her consent, or knowledge even. If she smokes, tak her cigarette butt from an ashtray. Cant lose sight of it though. Hair, have a meeting tell her something in her hair, she wil leav hair behind from trying to get say a bug out. Collect the hair. I can think of a thosand ways a prvte person could do this or investigat9r, police love the cigarette method.

  7. Lynne, where is it documented that Meredith changed her story three times? I’m on the same page as you. The timeline of events the prosecution put forth doesn’t make sense, and so many other things that don’t add up to a guilty verdict.

    Oh, and I figured out the no diaper thing on CY. Meredith took CY home or where ever, washed her off, and washed her clothes. Meredith doesn’t have diapers, so CY doesn’t get a diaper on.

    Now I’m not sure if Meredith was involved. There’s no evidence to suggest that. She was never investigated, so there will never be any evidence against her.

    • It was in trial testimony. I think when the defense questioned Spivey it was discussed that one of the police officers wrote “Meredith stated child found in closet”, another was “child found walking around house” and the third “found under blankets in master bed”. Yeah, right.

      I think that Meredith was caring for her and staged the scene – C’s bloody footprints and possible other staging (size 12 shoe print on pillow maybe?) and was trying to make it appear that C was home alone for hours but certainly she couldn’t have found her in a clean diaper because a 2 year old certainly can’t change their own diaper. The thing that she didn’t think about is the fact that she wasn’t capable of dressing herself either so how did she remove the diaper and then put the pajama pants back on by herself? This small thing is enough to make it impossible for Jason to have done this. It can’t be dismissed.

  8. The hotl is three hours away, round trip six hours? They say he left at twelve and at the earliest returned before six for the door to b closed for the paper guy. The camera plugged n around five? He didnt have time. Did sis hav money problems drug problems? There lots of stuf wrong. Did they bothr checking sisters car n house. Id hav checked her out just bc the keys on the hood of the car. And conflicting story and eyewitness statements. Id hav checked the women he was bedhopping with, questioned there neighbors/associates friends, look for one with suv. Dna…speaks volumes, y was family dna in that clump? Theres sumthin fishy. I was a detective, and husband is retired law enforcement as well. This investigation nvr considered the possibilty of another perp. Shame on them.

  9. Explanation of hotel camera. I worked at hotel while in college. We caught staff members doing these things with cammeras so they could sneek in and use the empty rooms. Clean it and leave. Theres a million things that could explain this. Staff giving rooms to friends ect. The staff would know the patterns of other staff, not a lay person. How would he hav made it back to his room before hicks delivered receipts and newspapers. Hicks didnt notice the room door open. Staff is supposed to keep the guests safe and would have noticed an open door. At least would have remembered it being open if asked shortly after.

  10. The daycare worker testimony is so inflamatory its a miscarriage of justice. Two and half yrs old can usually say mommy daddy boo boo, hurt, yes no. An unbias psychologist could at least steer the investigation toward a suspect. They havent mentioned a psychologist in this case which is interesting this wouldve been first thing da ordered. So wat was found they didnt want the defense to kn9w. By letting the day care worker present the play testimony, they avoid the defense having access to their phsych stuff, which the defense would hav ben able to hav an expert also hav access to the child. Id hav done this to rebut the daycare testimony anyway. They havent turned over everything to the defense. Id bet money.

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