Recently, I spent some time looking through all of the crime scene photos.  While looking at the photos of the bloody footprints left by Cassidy (age 2 at the time), I noticed that they mostly went in the same direction.    They don’t look like natural steps and they’re very bright.  If Cassidy stepped in the blood and then walked across the room, into the hallway and then into the bathroom, why isn’t there a path of bloody footprints leading into the bathroom?  Investigators at the trial testified that it appeared that the child was lifted from the area near the body and carried to the bathroom.

This photo illustrates how unnatural the steps would have been.  The heel of the second step goes over top of the toe prints from the first step.  There are also odd prints all on top of each other at various angles.  If the prints were staged – and it certainly appears that way to me, that indicates that someone wanted it to appear as if the child was left alone with the body.

footprints - right printfootprints left footfootprints close-up

Consider the possibility that the prints were staged, that would mean that the person who did the staging also cleaned the child because we know that she was totally clean when police arrived at the scene.  Meredith said that she found her that way.

Jason certainly wouldn’t have had any reason to stage the scene but the real murderer would.  The murderer would need to make it appear as if the child was left alone for several hours.  Did the murderer make a mistake by cleaning all the blood off of Cassidy, removing her dirty diaper from the night before and putting clean pajama pants on her?

What we should have seen:

IF the State’s theory is correct and Jason drove all the way back to Raleigh that night from Virginia, what condition would we expect to find Cassidy in?  Consider that she would have been alone in the house with her mother’s dead body for 9 hours.  According to the state’s theory, we have to assume that Cassidy woke up, walked out of her room and went into the master bedroom near her mother, and got blood on her feet.  Jason saw this, picked her up and quickly walked her to the bathroom and closed the door.  Suppose he somehow cleaned her, even though no blood was found in the drains.  How can the pajama bottoms with no diaper be explained? Remember that she wouldn’t have been found until 9 hours later. How would she possibly have remained clean for 9 or so hours?  Impossible.

If the State’s theory were true, Meredith should have found a hungry, thirsty, scared, confused and crying child covered in her mother’s blood with a soiled diaper or no diaper or pants at all.  If you listen to the 911 call, you can hear Cassidy in the background.  She is calm, talking, not crying at all.  Does that make any sense?  How can something like this be left out there unsettled?

What about the dog?  Meredith said she heard the dog whimpering when she arrived at the house.  There should have been blood prints from the dog all over the house.  There were none.  How is that possible? Again, how can this be left unsettled, unexplained?  Some would suggest that Jason put the dog outside or in the garage, but then why did Meredith say that she heard the dog whimpering near the front door?

I believe the scene was staged and that this case remains unsolved. Jason couldn’t possibly have done this.  The clues at the scene are completely inconsistent with the State’s theory.